Frequently Asked Questions

Rayovac 2AA LED Industrial Flashlight
Rayovac Value Bright LED 2AA Plastic Flashlight
Rayovac Value Bright Flashlight


Model numbers are identified on the packaging that came with the flashlight and the date code is on a label inside of the flashlight tube. The flashlights are black with yellow or all red, blue or green. The dimensions of the flashlights are:
Length 152mm/6.38 inches
Head Diameter 34mm/1.34 inches
Body Diameter 24 mm/0.94 inches
Weight 34g/1.2 ounces (without batteries)

We are conducting this recall to keep our customers safe and prevent the possibility of injury.

We will ship you a padded envelope with a postage paid return label for the product. Remove the batteries from the flashlight and place the recalled flashlight without the batteries in the box or padded envelope along with your original receipt if you have it. Once we receive the returned flashlight, we will send you a check for $2.29 for each returned flashlight that is the subject of this recall. If you send the original receipt with the returned flashlight, we will refund the actual purchase price of the product.

The spring, which is the negative battery terminal, can become dislodged and cause a short circuit which causes the battery to overheat for a brief period of time, posing a burn hazard to consumers.

No. Even though your flashlight appears to be safe, we are asking all customer to immediately stop using the flashlight and participate in the recall by returning the flashlight to us for a refund.

Yes. You can still return the flashlight without a receipt.

Yes. You will receive a refund of $2.29 for the purchase of the flashlight. If you send in the original receipt with a different price with the returned flashlight, we will send you a refund of the actual price you paid.

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